When can we view the Show House?
By appointment only.

How many units in development?

Are they sectional title or free hold?
They are free hold full title Res 2 stands.

When will construction start and when will the houses be completed?
Construction has started and we will finish 10 units a month the first 10 units hand over will start from the end of September so we will be completed by December 2017.

Can we make changes to plans?
Yes if you make a room bigger or move a wall it constitutes a plan change of which the charge is R10 000 you can also do a redesign of the house which enables you to sit with the Architect and design your home in accordance with our specification cost R30 000.

Can we make changes to the finishes?
All the finishes get chosen together with us on personal basis you can then choose the standard or upgrade to your choice.

How long will the process take?
1 month from signing contracts to get bond approval. After bond is approved and all requirements and shortfalls have been met and paid we instruct the architect this process takes about a month. Once your plan has been drawn up and approved by yourselves we send it to council for approval this takes about 4 to 8 weeks after the plan has been approved we enroll it with NHBRC this takes about 7 days. By this stages you would have signed all transfer and bond docs at attorneys and we would be ready to lodge at the deeds office once lodgement has taken place, the construction period is 12 months a per building contracts, however we strive to complete before that.

Can I use my own architect builder or bond consultant?
No you can only use our architect and we are the builders. We only make use of Better Bond as bond consultant and the only exceptions is if you work for a bank and receive a staff loan.

How do I secure a stand?
You get the latest available stand list from us choose a stand and pay R10 000 non refundable deposit into our attorneys trust account.

Are their any hidden costs?
Everything is included except if the soil conditions are bad the engineer will require special foundation:

Option 1
Is 4 x Y 10 reinforcing R15 000

Option 2
Reinforced cages with backfill and compaction
R25 000

Option 3
Reinforced cages with deep excavations with backfill and compaction
R35 000

Another cost for your account will be estimated water R2000 and electricity R500 cost while we are building your home. Also you will be liable for rates and taxes, levies and interem interest payable to the bank on all monies used.

How much will I pay for rates and taxes?
Plus minus R750 rates and taxes.

How much will the monthly levies be?
R1 350.00 per month payable from date of registration.

What gaurentee do I have on my house?
We are NHBRC registered so you get 3 months on all fittings 1 year manufactures warrantee on stoves and geyser, roof 1 year after first rain and structural 5 years after occupation date.

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